The Tastes of Quebec

The Tastes of Quebec

Main pic: Cuisse de canard confit. Photo credit: JPS68

By Vida Delfin Verreault

One thing I love best about Quebec City is the presence of numerous restaurants with real great tasting and mouthwatering food. My husband and I love to eat out occasionally and it has been one of our many ways to relax. Let me give you a quick glance at some of the pleasant restaurants we have tried. Because we used to live in Saint Jean Street, this was also the place where we used to eat out frequently.

First stop is at the front of our previous home, Café Au Bonnet D’Anne. This is where (in my opinion) you can find the best onion soup in the city of Quebec. Try it and with the sumptuous cheese melting on top of the soup with bits of bacon and bread, this is indeed real French onion soup and good as a main course too!

Hamburgers are not an original Quebec delicacy but the ones they serve at Chez Victor are sure to satisfy your cravings. The best ones I have tasted are the salmon burger and the Mediterranean burger. They are really cheesy and very flavorful.

Since many Italians migrated to Quebec many years ago, pizzas have been part of their normal food diet. Where to find the best pizza in Quebec City? I would definitely recommend Milano Pizzeria Here, you can dine in at their cozy restaurant or order from the comfort of your home. I personally love their distinctive sea food and carbonara pizza.

Experience also a classy restaurant named Hobbit Bistro This resto can surely meet your meticulous food preferences. The “tartare de saumon au sesame”, the “ crevettes , sauce andalouse rosée”  and the “ cuisse de canard confite, sauce porto” are some of the best choices. For breakfast, I consider “Le Florentine” as their best morning menu.

Speaking of breakfast, they are indeed a big hit at Cochon Dingue I crave for their fit for king “dejeuner” which includes a variety of versions of omelette, the Benedictines and their breakfast for those with a sweet tooth. Oh. I am getting hungry now.

I will take you further into Quebec with my next article.

See you soon!

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