The Top Rising Online Industries

The Top Rising Online Industries

The internet is now integral to all of our lives. We all use it it everyday for numerous reasons such as checking email and news, watching TV and movies, playing games, doing our job, shopping, reading, making payments and much more. Business is a big part of the internet and it has allowed us to enjoy new services and products. There are many services that are at the forefront and continue to rise and these are ten of the top rising online industries.

  1. Online shopping continues to rise and it could become more common than visiting real stores. The greater convenience, the possible savings and the massive variety mean more people are relying on the the internet to buy things. With sites such as Amazon and eBay allowing customers to choose from millions of goods that can be brought directly to them, regular retailers are struggling to keep up.
  1. Computer programming is obviously important and will only be more so as time goes by. Being able to add new abilities, software, convenience and more to computers are essential and so more people are getting in on this industry. Between companies focusing on programming and software to individuals doing work, it’s a vital enterprise that will always be important.
  1. Online video gaming is massive. Video game shave been one of the fastest growing industries of all time and with online comparability, this has increased. Big money can be made from popular online games, even those that are free to play. Blizzard and Riot Games have made huge successes of their Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and League of Legends games respectively, just from players buying additional content while getting the base game for free.
  1. Online casinos have been steadily growing in popularity over the years. You can play such games on your browser, smartphone or whatever, meaning you can always access exciting casino games from groups such as Red Flush Casino. Being able to play authentic slots, poker, blackjack and more for real money against real people across the world has caught on in a big way and it continues to grow.


  1. Streaming services are another popular internet trend. Whether it’s to watch films and TV, video games or user generated content, more and more of these services are being created to entertain people on the net. Each will have it’s gimmick or video libraries and with major TV networks looking at this platform seriously, it could become the norm.
  1. Translation and interpretation services are becoming more and more important. As we become increasingly connected online, the more often we will encounter people who speak a language we don’t understand or we want to communicate with someone with a different language. Online interpretation and translation services can close this gap and make the infinite world of communication on the net much easier.

7/8. Portfolio management is an increasing business with an online presence. In order to find work or to cooperate with other firms you need to be able to show off your work fully. Such a service will create a professional portfolio of your work and allow you to look skilled and professional to potential employers. A similar business is CV writing services, in which writers will create a resume that stands out, listing all necessary information in a clear and coherent way that can help you find employment.

  1. Dating apps continue to be popular and are very much a staple of the internet. Being able to find potential friends and a partners with convenience has become more popular as people find themselves too busy with work or other engagements. There are a huge number of websites and any fresh idea to improve or simplify the experience could push a new site to the top.
  1. Social media is being connected to every part of our lives and it’s growth continues. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more are hugely popular and used by people all over the world. New social networking can quickly be subscribed to and possibly replace older services. A new social media service with the right gimmick or hook could revolutionise the industry and take it even further than it has already gone.
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