The Tramway Project Creeps Back as Mayor Returns from Transportation Symposium

The Tramway Project Creeps Back as Mayor Returns from Transportation Symposium

There has been a lot of talk going around in Québec City in the last few years about installing a tramway that would run down St. Jean Street and elsewhere which would serve a specified area much like in San Jose, California.

The debate as to its feasibility and cost involved has been bounced back and forth for over ten years now with two different Mayors offering their opinions on the matter. In general people seem to think it would be a good idea although our weather conditions are not ideal for such an adventure.

Mayor Labeaume is just back from a transportation symposium in California where there was talk of carpooling and other modes of transportation which could be helpful for any city to reduce the number of vehicles circulating during rush hours.

The Mayor has always been an advocate for car-pooling as compared to public transportation and he will be giving his opinion on the matter at a press conference on Wednesday, April 2 here in the city. M. Labeaume is convinced that his theory is valid and confirms it by explaining how well reserved lanes and “share” driving works in the USA.

Québec used to have trolleys running down St. Jean Street in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s but the tracks were taken up, paved over, and forgotten about until now. The new “tram” would run on electricity which would make it completely safe for any environmentalists, and would be reasonably cost efficient once it was up and running.

The city will have to wait for a few years yet before any decision is taken as a cost study will have to be put in place and all factors examined before implementing any construction starts involving the project.

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