Restaurant Veal: Real or a Steal?

Restaurant Veal: Real or a Steal?

While a recent report by Le Journal de Montréal reveals that many Montréal restaurant-owners do not hesitate to switch out the pork for veal on their menu, those of Québec are more likely offer the right product, but at a level of quality that certainly seems to be lacking.

Earlier this year, the Journal bought high-priced veal cutlets at 50 restaurants in the Québec and Montréal. After DNA analysis in a genetics laboratory at Laval University, 30% of veal portions proved to actually be pork.

The trend is particularly heavy in Montréal, where 14 of the 25 tested meals failed to show bovine DNA. It’s likely restaurant owners are motivated by profits – veal is two to four times more expensive than pork.

Only one restaurant was caught passing pork as veal in the greater Quebec City region, but it is clear that the quality of the tested veal was poor. In general, you get what you pay for – quality veal is an expensive meat, and some of the restaurants sampled offered veal parmigiana plates for prices ranging from 10$ to 13$.  In the majority of Québec restaurants who did have real veal at this price range, the veal tested is likely heavily processed, breaded, and mixed with large amounts of sauce.

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