The world gets warmer as Quebec gets cooler

The world gets warmer as Quebec gets cooler

The entire planet has recorded record heat in March, but the weather in Quebec has made its own way by posting colder mercury than usual.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) found in a study yesterday that the world had never been as warm as is was for the month of March than in 2015. The global average temperature has exceeded the 0.85 normal world level for the last century, which was at 12.7 degrees.

Meanwhile, Eastern Canada and particularly Quebec have cooled more than any other region in the world. Temperatures in March were indeed less than 3 degrees to the normal season in La Belle Province.

According to Environment Canada, Quebec had never even had two successive winters as cold as this in 68 years.
“It is not clear why Quebec is left behind in this story. There are a number of things that can cause this phenomenon, “admits David Phillips, Environment Canada climatologist.

One theory is that in the melting ice in the North would slow down the movement of air masses, says the climatologist.

For example, Quebec, which is normally swept by currents coming from the west, was caught in an arctic air mass for several weeks.

“Normally, air masses clash constantly and this is what moves us very quickly from hot to cold and vice versa. But it did not happen this time, “says David Phillips.

According to the specialist, global warming will still be felt here, eventually.

“The odds of having very cold winters will decrease. One should know of volatile and extreme weather, he warns, but we must prepare for these changes. “

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