There’s a new motorcycle club in town

There’s a new motorcycle club in town

Quebec City has gained a new biker’s club and it would appear that it’s all about speed.

The new association call themselves ‘Demon Road QC’ and their territory is any road that is preferably clear of traffic where they can get their bikes up to and even surpass 200km/hr.

One of the members has even filmed and posted on the club’s Facebook page, a bike travelling at 299 km/h. Whether or not the video is from a member of their club or not cannot be verified.

They’re wild, they’re crazy and they just don’t seem to give a damn. They race on the 20, the 40, l’autoroute de la Beauce and basically anywhere they think they’re less likely to get caught.

Speaking of getting caught, one of them even managed to evade a police officer on a motorcycle during a chase when he completely disappeared from his pursuer and is still being sought after by police.

Their logo says it all, a guy on a bike with his middle finger raised at a cop with a road sign in the back that reads “DONT STOP”.

Reaction to their antics is varied; some followers support their actions while others have only advice or words of doom to share but, whatever the comments portray, it doesn’t appear like these guys are ready to give up anytime soon.

It’s sort of a “Sympathy for the Devil” situation which could end up being fatal for someone down the road.
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