Thibeaultmania has hit the world of music

Thibeaultmania has hit the world of music


Call it what you will, but 16 year old David Thibault and his rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” is making the rounds around the world and I had the chance to see him perform in person at the local theatre “Le Capitole” here in Quebec City Dec.27th.

He was just back from performing on the Ellen show in Los Angeles and two days later on the Today show in NYC and if that’s not enough to proclaim him as a star in the making, then his voice certainly is. Right now he has several renditions of different Elvis songs on YouTube, things like, Blue Hawaii, You’ll never Walk Alone and Blue Suede Shoes, among others, and what most people are saying is “he is Elvis reborn”. On the Today show they even called it “eerie” because of the tone and uncanny likeness to the deceased King himself.

At Le Capitole on Friday night he once again sang his now famous Blue Christmas, and the crowd went wild for their local boy’s interpretation of the famous Christmas song. He can only sing that one song for now, because of copyright laws with Universal Music, for whom he signed a contract after 8 million views in two weeks on Youtube; but that’s already old news. His performance was a little different than it had been so far as he seemed to want to deliver the song a little more in his own style than that of Elvis.

He has a very distinct voice and his version I venture to say was even better than what we are used to. Standing an imposing six feet tall he sang alone with his guitar as usual, but it was David Thibault we were seeing, and not an impersonator, which makes me think he is going to be a star in his own right which is the way it should be.

There were other acts on the same show which was presented with the “Grand Rire Noël” series, but it was David that made the crowd roar with a standing ovation, and of course, local pride was rampant. The show actually started off with some character dressed as Elvis who had no talent, but was the perfect Master of Ceremonies to introduce David as the first act.

Two well known Québec comedians by the names of François Massicotte and André Phillip Gagnon finished up the show giving the audience a full blown wrap up of comedy all in good clean fun. André Phillip is a well known impersonator playing Vegas on a regular basis who became famous for singing “We are the world” in all the voices in the song himself. He had much the same experience as David, being sent to Vegas and New York in an almost overnight success story which all started from that one song.

It remains to be seen if David expects to continue his singing career using Elvis’s material or branch out into his own style and become a sensation, like an Elvis ‘take two’. One thing for sure, and everyone agrees, he has a very special “and natural” (his own words) voice, which people seem to like.

In the meantime David is off to Memphis, Jan 6th to visit and sing at “Graceland” for a special audience, and after that, who knows where it will all go.

To be continued…

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