Things not going well between Education Minister and Teachers Union

Things not going well between Education Minister and Teachers Union

Quebec City (Quebec) August 25, 2014 – The Federation of Education Professionals and the Quebec Teachers Union (CSQ) are up in arms about the new cuts to the education budget that the Minister of Education, Yves Bolduc, intends to impose during the coming school year.

The union and its members are almost at ‘breaking point’ as to what they can and cannot do with the new restrictions. The proposal is to reduce the number of professional teachers aids in the classroom, to cancel some of the extra-curricular activities and lastly to restrict the financial aid to students from less fortunate family situations. The union says the quality and services will be greatly reduced which inadvertently will affect the overall education of the students.

The federation and the union want to be consulted on the changes instead of having them dictated to them; in other words they want to be part of the equation. The last 40 years have been generous to the education system in Quebec but, now the belt has to be tightened somewhere, and the task is falling on the shoulders of Minister Bolduc, who is taking the heat. There is even talk of demanding the resignation of the Minister if an agreement can’t be reached. The CSQ claims that M. Bolduc is out of touch with the education reality in Quebec and is perhaps not the best man for the job.

There are presently 38 school boards in the province who are functioning with a deficit. The negotiations will start in September but, there is no need to panic just yet as the changes will take time to implement. The CSQ states that things could get ugly if the Government is not flexible.

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