Think it’s cold in Quebec? Then you’d be right!

Think it’s cold in Quebec? Then you’d be right!

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 February 2015 – According to the statistics gathered by NASA for the last month of January regarding global temperatures, it appears that the province of Quebec was the coldest spot on the whole planet.

The average mean temperature for the province was -14.8 degrees Celsius which is 2 degrees colder than the average of -12.8 C. Contrary to those figures, the rest of the planet warmed up by .75 degrees Celsius overall compared to the average for the month.

This is the second time the province has recorded the coldest temperatures globally for a month of January. Back in 2009 the average temperature for January was recorded as -16 C; the mildest had an average of -7 C. As if that isn’t enough, the past month of November 2014 also showed the same tendency.

The average global temperature was warmer in November except over the province of Quebec.

The climatologist Dominique Paquin from Ouranos, a company studying climate change, cannot explain the phenomena, only to say that since the northern arctic is heating up faster than the rest of the planet that perhaps the cold air is being pushed south by the prevailing winds which tend to be a bit lighter than usual, holding the cold air to hover over the province. On the other hand, says Mme Paquin, it has only happened twice since 1951, which has the meteorologists wondering why.

So if you’re in Quebec and think it’s cold outside, then you’d be absolutely right.

Get another layer of winter woolies out – it appears the month of February will be just about the same!

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