Thinking Big for the Old Port

Thinking Big for the Old Port

Quebec City is thinking BIG as far as the development of the Old Port goes. No more parking in front of the Musée de la civilisation. The Labeaume administration wants to implant a big public place inspired by Europe within the next few years.

Basins, fountains, seasonal stands, walkways, and parking lot with vegetable garden: the City wants to give the River to the citizens by replacing the concrete surface that currently blocks the river.

The 500 parking spaces will be moved into a building which will have 700 places according to the project presented recently.

Next to the parking lot will be an alley of seasonal stands with great views of the St-Lawrence River.

The cost of this project that also touches place de Paris and the Royal Battery is still unknown. The mayor is being careful. When they will announce a number, it will be the good one. Labeaume gave a cue that this new plan will radically change the Vieux-Port and that it will be great for the 150 year celebration of the Canadian Confederation in 2017.

That year, Quebec will welcome over 40 big sailing vessels to the port.
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