This Week at the Kiosk Edwin-Bélanger

This Week at the Kiosk Edwin-Bélanger


JUNE 23-24, 2011

The Bandstand will recess for the Quebec National Holiday.


JUNE 25, 8 P.M.


This string trio will fill the public with wonder as it beckons us to journey into the heart of gypsy, manouche and Jewish music. Although newcomers to the Bandstand, they have a solid stage experience and offer a spirited performance. Colourful, fiery music, a meeting between the passion of the musicians and the emotions of the crowd. Enthusiastic!


JUNE 26, 8 P.M.


Come and listen to these three strong, poignant voices echoing under the stars. These young passionate singers have no cause to be jealous of the stars of the trade. Their repertoire pays homage to classics such as those of Plamondon and Cabrel, also highlighting a number of original pieces. A refreshing way of appreciating operatic singing!


From 6:00 p.m. during the week and 7:00 on week-ends (pass the Musée and follow the directions given by the clerk in the green tent)

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