This year’s Salon Carrière Formation to include a hiring blitz

This year’s Salon Carrière Formation to include a hiring blitz

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 June 2015 – This year’s “Career Training Exhibition” held every year at this time, is going to include a special two day hiring period for those students who want to get out and work as soon as possible. The “Salon” will take place from October 21 to 24 at the Centre de Foires, and shouldn’t be confused with the Foire de l’Emploi which takes place in the spring.

The Salon Carrière Formation is organised to help high school and CEGEP students orient themselves towards an education path which would be better suited for finding a job or career once they leave University or a professional college (trade school). There is usually a good turn-out of about 13,000 people every year.

This year there will be two days, the 23rd & 24th designated as a job supermarket where companies will sign up those people who are ready to work, including those who have lost their previous jobs or who have experience and for those young retirees who aren’t quite ready to put their feet up on the couch and spend the rest of their lives drinking beer and watching TV. There is a lack of certain skilled workers in the area.

Any company that wants to be present at the job supermarket has to sign up before September 30, in order for the organizers of the Salon to make enough space available.

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