Those traffic enforcement cameras, they’re working

Those traffic enforcement cameras, they’re working

If you’re in the Quebec City region, watch your speed.

Photo-radar is the key to controlling speeding and traffic violators according to police, and the results so far are very positive, especially in the construction zones.

The head of Quebec’s Highway and Road Signallers Association (ATSRQ) is extremely pleased with the results published recently concerning the number of infractions handed out between June and October of last year.

In those five months 14,133 contraventions were accumulated amounting to a total dollar value of $3.7 million for the province.

Interesting to note that half the tickets (50%) were handed out in the Quebec City region which only has 4 of the nine areas where cameras are installed.

Workers on road construction have always been stressed about the speed with which drivers proceed through construction zones, some of whom don’t let up on the gas pedal one iota. There are (were) a high rate of accidents involving workers and their equipment throughout the province, but the number of incidents is starting to diminish as drivers are more and more aware of the cameras, not necessarily the ever present danger, just the cameras.

The (ATSRQ) is a little concerned that the only way to make drivers understand is to fine them, but so be it, if it works. Construction companies put all sorts of warnings on their sites but the general public wasn’t getting the message which is why the Government has resorted to the use of mobile cameras.

UPDATE: See story update of RADAR camera efficiency here.

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