Thousands Angry at Level of Food Wastage

Thousands Angry at Level of Food Wastage

Mad about food being thrown out by supermarkets, a Lévis citizen, Jean-François Conroy, sent a petition to the National Assembly to cease this practice.

He was surprised to see, that two weeks later, more than 1,000 people agreed with him and had signed the document.

At first, he was aiming for 500 signatures and he thought there was going to be a maximum of 1,000 people.

He is glad to have reached the 13,000.

Mimicking the actions of San Francisco (US), Herstal (Belgium), and London (UK), people from here now want the Quebec Government to install a similar system to oblige supermarkets in the region to give their unsold inventory to food banks.

These donations to non-profit organizations could help deal with their increasing needs for food.

Already aware of the Herstal example, it was a family member who gave the idea to Mr. Conroy to start the movement. Working in a supermarket, a friend of Jean-François Conroy explained that to save money, markets are throwing out carts filled with items good for another week. Mr. Conroy was shocked and this is what motivated him to rise against this practice.

His idea is that it becomes a political problem because his project will go nowhere if he doesn’t have support from those in influential positions.

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