Three children found safe after being kidnapped

Three children found safe after being kidnapped

Lévis (Quebec) 30 September 2015 – Three children, ages 14 months, 4 years and 6 years old who were being kept by their grandparents under a ruling by Quebec’s child protection agency (DPJ) were found safe and sound 12 hours after having been taken away by their parents.

The children had been living with their grandparents in Lévis on the south shore of Quebec City since the middle of September with the parents having visitation rights under certain conditions.
Sunday of this past weekend the parents called and said they would like to take their children apple picking at a nearby orchard and then bring them back for lunch.

Lunchtime came and went and there was no sign of the children or the parents. At 3pm the grandparents called the police and an all points bulletin (APB) was released in Quebec and neighboring provinces.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) spotted the family at around 10 pm at a motel in Renfrew, Ontario just east of Ottawa. They took the parents into custody and handed the children over to the Ontario Social Services Agency.

Renfrew is about a 51/2 hour drive from Lévis.

The children were back with their grandparents on Monday and the parents will appear before the Quebec City Court House today September 30 on charges of kidnapping and breaking a visitation ruling.

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