Three Months Imprisonment for Child Kidnapper

Three Months Imprisonment for Child Kidnapper

Isabelle Forcier was found guilty for kidnapping her child last December.  She was sentenced with suspension to three months in jail at the court house in Trois-Rivières on Friday.

For one month, Ms. Forcier must stay in her residence at all times.  She can only leave home for work.  For the last two months of her sentence, she must be in her residence from 10pm to 6am, unless she needs to work during those hours.  After that, she will be on probation for the following two years.

“My client is satisfied with the penalty she has received.  There was a particular event which caused her to do what she did,” said Ms. Forcier’s lawyer, Annie Francoeur.

Since 2008, Ms. Forcier was given an order from the court forbidding her to see her son, except for once a month, with the supervision of an intervener working for the director of youth protection.  He had been placed in a foster home until he reaches the age of majority.

On May 4th, 2010, Ms. Forcier went to pick up her child from Jean-Nicolet high school to bring him home with her in Sorel.  A huge police search took place in search of the missing Nicolet child.  The mother, therefore, made a false statement to the police, even authorizing them to distribute the child’s photo in the media.

Last December, she confessed to kidnapping her own child, but she was acquitted of the charges for confinement of her child and interfering with a police investigation.
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