Three Quebecers invent a power box strong enough to jumpstart your car

Three Quebecers invent a power box strong enough to jumpstart your car

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 September 2015 – Three young entrepreneurs from Montreal, Sasha Sayegh, Kevin Mayer and Yves-Emmanuel Toussaint have invented a small plastic box about the size of an iPhone only thicker, which is capable of charging four cell phones, one after another or even boost your car when the battery is dead.

The box called ‘OutPower’ consists of a battery pack which once charged up will hold its charge for approximately three months and can be used anywhere anytime to charge your phone when you don’t have a landline outlet to plug into.

The Outpower is available for sale at most Montreal car dealerships for $199 and the founders of the company hope to get the dealerships in the Quebec City area on board in the coming months.

The little power block comes with all the necessary wiring to recharge Apple or Android products and is currently being tested by CAA-Quebec as to its capabilities concerning the jumpstart claims.

So far the tests have been satisfactory and even when the box was stored at -17 degrees centigrade the OutPower was able to jumpstart a dead battery. The instructions on the packaging suggest it is limited to engines of 2.5 cc or less.

As for charging your cell, it is exactly like plugging your phone into a normal outlet in your home or office but can be used out in the woods or anywhere where there is no power.

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