Tiesto at the 2013 FEQ

Tiesto at the 2013 FEQ

Festival d'étéWhen the plains of Abraham become a giant exterior dance floor, you know you’re going to have an amazing night.

Tiesto, voted one of the world’s top DJs, had a strong reputation to live up to and he showed us it was well deserved. Master of the turn-table, he deftly varied the rhythms, beats and bass to the flow of the crowd and to the greatest pleasure of our stomping selves.

Although the plains were packed (it felt like I must have been dancing with a million other bodies), the ambiance was never less than electric. The ground must have shook all the way to Montreal and the mass of us who were in the front half of the plains took only short minute breaks between DJs – the FEQ administration brilliantly choosing to line-up the artists within minutes of each other.

Dance show and festival veterans had brought along the classics – blown-up animals, costume accessories, glow-sticks (even though, to my great surprise, they had been banned by FEQ administration) and even the odd condom balloon to add a little fun to the show and confirm to the Dutch DJ that Québec has a strong dance and club music following.

Preceding Tiesto were a series of prestigious DJ’s including Frenchman Martin Solveig and Wolfgang Gartner who hails from the USA. I, personally, was disappointed with the American who seemed cold and disconnected whereas Solveig offered an upbeat and dynamic show.

Tiesto, who went the extra mile with a well coordinated light show, pyrotechnics and even fireworks for the grand finale, definitely did not disappoint. In these modern times, I was surrounded by fellow festivaliers who confirmed their great pleasure by updating their facebook profiles every other minute… just in case any of their friends doubted that they were having an amazing time.

I definitely had quite a workout and even though my bones are a little sore this morning it was definitely one of the more exciting shows of the 2013 Festival d’été.

With a little luck the FEQ administration will continue holding what they’ve baptized the Electro FEQ for all of us dance floor disciples.


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