Time for Canada Birthday Cake

Time for Canada Birthday Cake

Hundreds of hungry people and Canada lovers were in line on Monday, waiting for a bite of Canada’s traditional birthday cake.

The cake was in the shape of the Canadian flag.

Canadian-flagThe new chef at the Fairmont Château Frontenac, Baptiste Peupion, followed the tradition of Jean Soulard who took his retirement earlier this year.
The sugar lovers had the chance to taste a recipe composed of 600 eggs, 110 pounds of sugar, 50 pounds of flour, and 90 pounds of butter. At a certain point, the line had more than 100 people waiting. Not everyone had a bite out of it though.

Family activities were organized to mark Canada’s 146th birthday. They took place on the Plains of Abraham on Monday.

The day ended with fireworks on the Plains. It was a perfect evening to watch the colours burst in the sky.
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