Time for more beer (festivals)

Time for more beer (festivals)

In case you didn’t drink enough beer last August, you’ll have another chance in March.

BeersAfter a successful summer edition at Espace 400e in August, there will be another Beerfest which will take place this winter, from the 13 to 15 of March 2014 .

It will be called the “Cold Season Festibiere” and will take place at Place Dalhousie.

According to the organizers the event will be held indoors allowing for a more comfortable setting as the weather will still be chilly. There will be warm beer and a special menu for the cooler conditions.

The atmosphere will be more adapted to a party mood rather than just a simple tasting of different beers. There will be music and dancing to accompany the experience.

Last winter, the organizers tried a winter Festibière during the famous Quebec WinterCarnival on Grande-Allée but the event was highly criticised by the merchants and restaurant owners of the same street which is one of the most popular areas of Quebec City’s tourist industry.

If you miss it, there will always be the fifth edition of the summer Beerfest at the old port in August from the 14th to the 17th.
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