Time to get those Ice Canoes waxed up

Time to get those Ice Canoes waxed up

For nine years now there has been a series of ice canoe races which take place in and around Québec Carnival time, but up until now have not been too publicised. We all know about the race from Quebec City to Lévis which is one of the major events of the Carnaval de Québec, but it is only one of a series of five different competitions of the Ice Canoe racing circuit.

Ice_canoe_QuebecThe first race is in Portneuf, close to Quebec City, then on to the Carnaval, followed by La Grande Traversée de l’ile aux Coudres, then down to Montreal, ending up with the Grand Défi Chez Victor.

The races all take place on the St. Lawrence River at different locations spreading the fun around the province, but the most watched is the race during the Carnaval and has the most entrants including teams from Europe and the USA making a total of approximately 50 different participants. The competition is open to both men and women.

This year there is lots of ice on the river due to the colder temperatures so there will probably be more pushing than paddling of the canoes. The same team has won the trophy for the last eight editions and has no intention of relinquishing the title this year. Team Chateau-Frontenac and their captain Jean Anderson, are in it to win it and so far nobody has managed to beat them.

One of the boats in the Montreal leg will have a camera on board this year which people will be able to follow on their internet access directly on line. In Quebec City there will be giant screens on both sides of the river for everyone to watch, providing the weather isn’t too cold. Both events will be televised. To follow the teams just search for “Circuit de Canot à Glace” on the internet and you’ll find it.
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