Time to Reduce Water Consumption

Time to Reduce Water Consumption

The message to reduce water consumption in Levis is not effective.

The water reserves are running extremely low and the city must now think of a new strategy.

It will launch a massive campaign.

Even with many messages published and diffused by many media companies and emails sent to people using the services, the West Levis inhabitants didn’t reduce their water use.

The messages sent to the population did not give the effect expected. The water tanks are on a decline. The City had to use almost all the Charny tanks and it must now get some water from the Beaurivage River since the Chaudière River may be contaminated.

Many surveillance officers distributed warnings to citizens for hosing their lawns or parking lot. It is forbidden to fill the pool or wash the car. There are also some restrictions on the number of times a washing machine or dishwasher can be used. The idea of giving out bills for failing to abide those temporary rules is also possible.
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