Time to Sign up to Visit the New Centre Videotron

Time to Sign up to Visit the New Centre Videotron

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 August 2015 – The official visits to the new Hockey arena start on September 3rd for the general public, but you have to have a ticket in order to participate. The tickets are free and are available starting today at noon on ticketmaster.ca/centrevideotron or at 1-855-790-1245.

The site is easy to use and one can choose at what time they would like to take their tour starting at 8am until 10pm from September 3rd to Sept 7th. If you manage to get one of those free passes it is important to note that when you show up for your tour you will not be allowed to bring anything with you; no backpacks, no cameras, no strollers, no food or drinks and not even an umbrella.

If you happen to have some of these objects on your person you will have to leave them at a designated place or be refused entry.

The tour takes about 2 ½ hours and will be in groups of about 4000. The cost of running those tours, together with the animation that will be present in and around the building, runs around $1.8 million.

The Centre Videotron was built at a cost of $370 million using public money.

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