Tokyo Restaurant, Quebec City – A Review

Tokyo Restaurant, Quebec City – A Review

TOKYO RESTAURANT – a review by Isabelle Soucy Chartier

Attention sushi fans: enjoy these Japanese delicacies in the comfort of Quebec City!

Tokyo restaurant offers a wide variety of Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki sushi, made fresh with a wide selection of fish and fresh produce.

They offer Gunkanmaki, such as fresh salmon tartar or salty and beautifully plump caviar. The presentation is extremely appealing and colourful. For those who are not yet fans of sushi, other main courses are offered, such as chicken skewers or teriyaki beef. Most meals come with a scrumptious tofu appetizer, a miso or chicken soup, tea as well as dessert.   

The service staff is very welcoming, as well as remarkably patient when bombarded with questions about the menu. They come by frequently to ensure your glasses of water never go dry and to ensure you’ve got all you need to satisfy your appetites. 

Tokyo restaurant is beautifully and authentically decorated. The colourful designs and ornamentations awaken the world explorer in each of us, carrying us to Japan, kindly sparing us the jetlag. Whether you’re eating or simply enjoying your experience, the open-concept allows you to appreciate the chefs in action, as they magically produce vividly colourful plates of appetizing delights in front of your eyes. Background music adds to the ambiance yet is light enough so as not to interfere with comfortable conversation.

For such fresh fish and delicious food, the menu is surprisingly affordable. The bring-your-own-wine concept greatly helps in reducing the overall bill, and you can expect to walk out of the restaurant with a satisfyingly full stomach (perhaps even leftovers) for the low price of $20-$25. They offer a 10% rebate on Tuesdays.

Subjective experience.
I had the pleasure of enjoying Tokyo Restaurant in the context of a family gathering, and I would not change a single detail about our evening. The private table comfortably seated all seven of us, and the fact that we were enclosed in glass doors greatly added to the intimacy of our dining-out experience. I later returned and sat at a booth by the window, which I recommend you request if you are a gathering of four or less.

Although this booth does not have glass doors that separate you from the rest of the restaurant, it was still surprisingly intimate. This second visit confirmed my initial positive impressions of the restaurant, the food and the service.

If you go:
Do request the private tables with the glass doors that separate your group from the other patrons.
Do reserve early (1-2 weeks), especially if you want a private booth.
If you are planning on going during the weekend, I would advise reserving 2-3 weeks early.
Do bring your own wine! I would suggest white wine or, as I found out there, sparkling wine pairs divinely well with sushi.
Do arrive early (if you are arriving by car) to allow enough time to search for parking along the busy downtown streets. The restaurant does not have a parking lot.
Also, do bring change for the parking metres.
Do plan to make it an evening outing that could last 2-3 hours (hours that go by very quickly!).

Restaurant information:
Address: 401 rue St-Jean
Phone number: 418-522-7571


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