Tomatina Cancelled

Tomatina Cancelled

The Quebec Saint-Vincent de Paul Society has approved Quebec City’s decision to cancel the Tomatina scheduled to taker place at this year’s Expo Quebec program.

A decision that this organization believes to be excellent and it will dodge a ton of waste.

Spanish_TomatoesOn Wednesday, the Expo Quebec organization announced that the Tomatina, usually a Spanish tradition, in which participants throw 100,000 tomatoes, will no longer be held on August 25th.

The organization took this decision due to late collects and the scarcity of tomatoes this year. Less tomatoes and a late season means there will be almost no surplus, therefore, much less tomatoes that could be used in this activity.

Presently, in the Quebec market, there is a balance between supply and demand. They would have used tomatoes that could have been sold or eaten and this with no good intentions.

The choice to remove the activity is wise and respects the values and mission of the Quebec Saint-Vincent de Paul Society, wihch has principles to educate the population about alternate solutions to reduce waste. For 165 years, the organization believes in food transformation to allow families and lonely people in need to benefit from a healthy and balanced nutrition.

This year is definitely a bad year to throw tomatoes.
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