Too Many Bars on Avenue Myrand?

Too Many Bars on Avenue Myrand?

Quebec City (Quebec) December 29, 2014 – A group of citizens has convinced the Cité-Universitaire neighbourhood council to adopt a resolution demanding that fewer alcohol permits be granted to businesses on Avenue Myrand.  Led by four or five residents of the area, the initiative collected some 67 signatures into a petition presented to the council, prompting the council to vote in favour of the resolution.

As the name suggests, the Cité-Universitaire district is home to many CEGEP and university students.  With Boulevard Laurier evolving from being a nightlife hotspot towards a more commercially-oriented sector, young people have moved their evenings east towards Avenue Myrand, host to the long-standing Café au temps perdu and Cactus bar restaurant.  Other establishments have recently sprung up or changed their vocation to cater to the younger market, spurring concerns within the older residents that the multiplication of alcohol permits is having a negative impact on their neighbourhood.

The complaining residents have cited an increase in noise and graffiti as part of their concerns.  The resolution to limit alcohol permits on the street will be passed to the city’s administration for review.

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