Too much absenteeism for government employees

Too much absenteeism for government employees

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 October 2014 – The Liberal party in power in Quebec wants to reduce the number of days that government workers take off during the year.

The government claims that the sick days that some employees take during a year’s work may not always be legitimate. The employees union on the other hand disagrees with the government’s reasoning.

The problem is not only significant but, it appears the number of days employees are absent from their desks has increased over the last ten years from 10.98 days in 2002 to 13.14 days in 2012.

It has become a concern for the government as in comparison to the private sector where employees do not appear to be as ill as their government counterparts.

The government has hired a firm, Mercer Canada, to investigate the phenomena stating that if they cannot stop the level of absenteeism, that at least they can stop its increasing growth tendencies.

State employees have a certain number of sick days allotted to them through their collective agreement and the government suspects that the clause is being somewhat taken advantage of.

Any information gathered during the study will be strictly confidential.

The Conseil du Trésor (The governing body for government employees) may even suggest that a compensation program could be a solution to the problem.

The public employee’s contract agreement is up for negotiation in the near future and it appears as if there may be some disagreement between the unions and the governments thinking on the matter.

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