Tours de Pont-Rouge 2012

Tours de Pont-Rouge 2012

The first Tours de Pont-Rouge were a resounding success on September 9. A total of 719 participants were enrolled in challenges. The organizers hoped to have 125!

Early on the Sunday morning, the space around Parc Lions, where the start and finish lines were situated, was flooded with runners of all ages ready for the 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, and 21 km races.

A total of 370 pre-registrations had already been received before the race day, ensuring that the target of 125 would be substantially be exceeded. 


Raphael Plouffe, Lac-Beauport, took the “Grand Tour des ponts,” the 21 km race including two climbs of Déry Hill. The runner completed the course 1 h 18 min 38.8 seconds, beating Daniel Desharnais, Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, by a little over 2 minutes. Yannick Poulin, St. Casimir, finished fourth with a time of 1 h 21 min 56.6 seconds. Sarah Clark, Donnacona, was the fastest woman, scoring a time of 1 h 34 min 40.3 seconds.

Proof that running is for people of all ages. Twenty-four Papillon family members of Quebec aged between 6 weeks and 84-years old, representing four generations, took part in one or many of these races.
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