Tourtière Better in Quebec City than Saguenay

Tourtière Better in Quebec City than Saguenay

Can it really be true, are the province’s meat pies better in Quebec City than Saguenay.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but…

TourtiereQuebec – Let’s get things straight, the best place to eat a tourtière isn’t in Saguenay but right here in Quebec City. According to National Graphic that is.

In the National Geographic top 10 foods to taste in the province, it is suggested to go to aux Anciens Canadiens in Old Quebec to tuck in to one of this part of Canada’s traditional meals.

Surprisingly in the meal description, there is no link to the original region where the pie comes from.

Many people are confused and wonder what is the difference between a tourtière and a meat pie? First of all there must be meat and potatoes cut in small cubes for it to be a tourtière pie but many cooks have made small changes to recipes to make them up to date.

Will this review affect the other foods to try such as a poutine, Montreal bagels, maple on snow, and cheese from the Cantons-de-l’Est.

Est-ce que c’est vrai? La tourtière à Québec est-elle meilleure que celle au Saguenay?

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