Town mayor wants death penalty to become election issue

Town mayor wants death penalty to become election issue

Main pic: Florida electric chair. Photo credit to: Florida Department of Corrections/Doug Smith.

Louiseville (Quebec) 5 August 2015 – The mayor of Louiseville QC, a small town just west of Trois-Rivières would like to see the return of the death penalty to the Canadian justice system, and he would like to hear about the candidate’s opinion on the matter during the present election campaign.

In an interview with the Le Nouvelliste newspaper, Mayor Yvon Deshaies, who has been an advocate for the return of the death penalty for some time, wants the issue to become an election issue, at least for his local candidates in the Trois-Rivières region. He had already spoken publically about his proposals last December which, at the time, brought the issue into the limelight throughout the province.

M. Deshaies would also like to see a change to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which would ban the wearing of the niqab and the burqa, two clothing articles that hide one’s face, in public. His concern is based on the fact that if any accidents or mishaps occurred with someone hiding their face, it would be difficult to identify the person at a later date for legal purposes.

The mayor has no problem with the wearing of a hijab which covers only the head and neck of an individual.

His remarks may be directed at the NDP leader Thomas Mulcair who claimed at one time that it would be acceptable to have one’s face hidden during citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

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