Traffic congestion on the rise in Quebec City

Traffic congestion on the rise in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 April 2015 – According to the famous TomTom multinational company who does surveys of traffic congestion throughout the world, Quebec City had a 23% congestion rate during rush hour traffic in 2014.

That means that at peak traffic hours it takes 23% more time to reach a destination than in an ordinary fluid situation. What makes this figure interesting is that it is worse than the previous results from 2013. If calculated over a year it means the average individual loses 82 hours of his year sitting in traffic. Quebec City rates 6th overall in Canada and 23rd out of the 61 cities surveyed in North America.

In Canada, Quebec City rates on the same level as Edmonton, Alberta or in the States as Orlando, Florida. Quebec City was classified in the cities of 800,000 or less making it a little different if we compare it to cities like Mexico City or Moscow.

The 23% is based on an average calculated between highway traffic and city traffic and the results found that the highway numbers in this city were at 16 to 15% whereas the local streets rated up to 28 to 30%. The worst traffic day in 2014 was January 27 when the hills leading to upper-town were closed due to icy conditions.

The two worst cities in Canada are Vancouver and Toronto with Montreal coming in at fourth place. Calgary had the best rating in Canada.

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