Tragic ending for marathon runner at Défi Entreprises de Quebec

Tragic ending for marathon runner at Défi Entreprises de Quebec

Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier (Quebec) 1 June 2015 – In a 10 km marathon race which was held in a small town just north of Quebec City this past weekend, one of the participants collapsed at the ninth km and ended up dying from a heart problem after being taken to the CHUL hospital centre.

The race, called the Défi Entreprises de Quebec (Businessmen’s challenge) takes place every year around this time and this was the first time such a tragedy had taken place at this particular gathering. The organizer of the marathon Daniel Rioux, was truly saddened by the loss, especially since he believes it is important to maintain a good physical lifestyle no matter what your line of work may be.

The deceased runner, 49, was attended to by a nurse who was in the race and by the qualified medical doctor who was on duty for the event. Everything possible was done on the spot to rehabilitate the individual including standard heart massage procedures. The man was taken to hospital where he was declared deceased.

There have been two other deaths in marathons which take place in and around the city since 1998. In 1999 a runner from Lachute died from a heart attack and in 2008 another experienced marathoner from Windsor died from the same symptoms. It is calculated that there is approximately one death per 40,000 in marathon competitions.

Unfortunately, it is quite often a person who is aware of their heart problems but either ignores it or is in denial. A participant in a marathon has to sign a renunciation clause when signing up for a race which relieves the organizers of any responsibility that may cause injury or death.

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