Tragic weekend in Quebec for young family

Tragic weekend in Quebec for young family

Young family from Waterloo devastated.

Waterloo, (Quebec) 27 July 2015 – It only took ten minutes to realize that their 2 year old son had wandered off and for the panic to find him got underway.

Little Dawson Lacroix, with his blond hair and blue eyes disappeared within minutes while the couple was preparing their supper just before 6pm on Friday evening. Ten minutes later the boy’s father, Mark Lacroix let out a scream calling for his son, and the search began.

Neighbours, family and about 40 police officers searched for five hours when finally around 11pm the little boy’s body was found in a ditch beside the road that passes in front of the parent’s house. It is presumed he drowned in the small trickle of water that runs through the ditch.

It goes without saying that the mother, Amanda Ham was and still is devastated. She preferred to not speak to the media and stayed in her house. The grandfather of little Dawson, David Ham spent the whole day Sunday walking up and down the road where the body was found trying to comprehend how such a tragedy could happen to his beloved grandson.

At first it was thought Dawson had fallen into a swimming pool, or had been hit or abducted by a car passing by.

It was a volunteer who found the little lifeless body only about 50 feet from his house. An autopsy will be conducted this week to confirm the cause of death.

Right away Sunday morning a memorial of flowers and teddy-bears was set up where the body was found.

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