Trans-Beauce Marathon raises triple its fundraising objective

Trans-Beauce Marathon raises triple its fundraising objective

The Federal minister for Tourism and small business, Maxime Bernier, ran in the Trans Beauce marathon on Saturday Sept. 29 to gather money for the local Moisson Québec, fall campaign. Moisson Québec is a charity fund to help the more needy people in and around Québec.

The race took place from St. Ludger to Saint Bernard in the Beauce County which is about an hour directly south of Québec City, and covered a distance of 106km.

It took Bernier a little over 13 hours to complete the course. The activity rallied a good 100 runners of all ages and many more along the route to cheer the participants on. Bernier himself is 50 years old, but is an avid jogger and somehow even managed to come in first; although maybe being a Federal minister, he may have had some help from his fellow runners who discovered they couldn’t run quite as fast as their member of parliament (MP), or maybe they just let him win.

According to the organizers, “The Trans Beauce marathon” generated some $ 153,220.00 which is three times more than the initial goal of $50,000.00. The weather was perfect and the amount of money collected made the whole event a great success. It was good to see an MP actually collecting some honest money for an honest cause.

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