TransCanada wants to reassure Lévis over Energy Pipeline

TransCanada wants to reassure Lévis over Energy Pipeline

Levis (Quebec) 19 October, 2014 – TransCanada held an open house in Lévis on Thursday night to answer questions and concerns of citizens from the Pipeline Énergie Est, whose conduct crosses the St. Lawrence River at St. Nicolas, its project is to serve the Valero refinery, before continuing eastward.

More than twenty experts hired by TransCanada animated booths decorated with posters, maps and information leaflets. The benefits of the project, the proposed route, emergency response plan and reliability of the transportation of oil by pipeline are some of the topics that were addressed by specialists TransCanada.

According to the spokesman for TransCanada, Philip Cannon, the purpose of the open houses held in the municipalities affected by the proposed route, is not only to explain to people where the project is being developed but also enable dialogue where people can share their fears.

“You know, we have talked about that project since March 2013. The approach we decided to take is to have conversations with Quebecers from the start, not come up with a project which is tied with all the answers. What it means to want to improve the project, to take people’s comments, to be as open as possible and to not always have all the answers.’

In this sense, the spokesman assures that the question the experts, that were present, answered are noted and will be attached to the rest of the documentation when the project will be submitted to the National Energy Board . The deposit should be held in the coming weeks. TransCanada needs the agreement of the federal regulatory tribunal to go ahead with the pipeline project Energy East.

However, Philippe Cannon believes that the pipeline remains the safest way to transport large quantities of oil. “People hear all sorts of myths about pipelines. There is 2,500 km of pipeline, oil and gas pipeline currently buried under Québec. All in all, it’s always been this way. People do not know much about this industry. ”

The spokesman for TransCanada cites as an example the fact that the pipeline will cross the St. Lawrence River at St. Augustine and St. Nicolas. Since 1995, the TQM Network passes under the river, and no incidents have occurred, he notes.

The candidate for Québec solidaire-election, Yv Bonnier Viger, attended the information session on TransCanada. He said the risk of an accident happening are very high.

“The problem is that this pipeline will be buried there-for 75 years. You have the amount of oil that goes through, the distance it travels and the time it will be buried. (…) Although we are told that it is a pipeline of high technology, we have seen the end of last week with Valero that even in high-tech facilities under surveillance and with a lot of maintenance, accidents happen.”

For the solidarity candidate, oil is an energy of the past. According to him, to revive the economy, we must look to the green energy, such as wind, solar and geothermal.

Some people braved the rain to show their opposition to the pipeline project Énergie Est outside the centre, where the TransCanada activity took place. One of them, Francis Xavier, expressed concerns about the proposed pipeline through the St. Lawrence River.

“Spill, we know that the oil from the tar sands flows directly into the background. They cannot send a team of divers in the river, clean every rock and take it to the bottom, it is impossible. They cannot extend canvas in the bottom of the river to prevent the oil from going further. Spilling in the St. Lawrence River, it’ll be a disaster, ” he stated.

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