Transport Minister Reassures Taxis: UberX to Remain Illegal

Transport Minister Reassures Taxis: UberX to Remain Illegal

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 September 2015 – The government currently has no intention to legalise UberX and similar sharing economy services competing with the taxi industry.  That’s what Québec City taxi industry spokesman Abdallah Homsy said was the result of their discussions with Transport Minister Robert Poëti earlier this week.

On the minister’s side, the same message emerges.  A message from the minister’s office to the media affirmed that “the status quo is no longer possible”, referring to the implicit tolerance for unregulated UberX services.  The message also communicated a desire to take another look at existing laws regulating for-profit driving services and make sure that they would apply to all.

Taxi drivers’ passions had flared when Premier Philippe Couillard expressed a favourable opinion to the idea of legalising and regulating UberX and similar services during a meeting of the Young Liberal Party of Quebec last August.  This had led to taxi drivers staging important protests in Québec City and Montréal.

For the time being, taxi drivers’ representatives have expressed satisfaction and trust in the Transport Minister’s position.

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