Trees at Root of Row with City Hall

Trees at Root of Row with City Hall


There is a verbal battle going on in Quebec City these days about whether or not the city is planting more trees than they are cutting down.

Mme Elsener, a spokesperson for the environmental committee known as “Québec Arbres” claims that the city planted only 2500 trees in 2012 and 2013 as compared to 3000 to 3400 permits that were granted to cut trees down. She also suggests that the city is not respecting its reforestation program and that it should be setting up a “Replanting Agreement” to ensure that the city remains committed to planting and preserving a certain number of trees throughout the city on a regular basis.

On the other hand, the City’s environmental spokesman M. Steeve Verret claims that Mme Elsener’s figures are completely wrong and that the city actually plants more trees than are destroyed every year. He proclaims that Mme Elsener’s data does not include the 2000 trees which are handed out to residents of the city free of charge every spring and also neglects to mention the trees that are planted when new projects are initiated which always include landscaping and tree planting.

M. Verret is not too keen on implementing a “tree planting politicy” either, since he feels it would be better to introduce a city by-law which would be enforceable as compared to a political idealism, which would have no clout in court.

The issue remains unsettled.

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