Triple author event March 26th

Triple author event March 26th

3 excellent authors will be coming to Quebec City to talk about their work on Wednesday 26th March.

3 diverse subjects: Irish heritage, parkour (freerunning), and a collection of intriguing people.

Place: AngloStore, Place Naviles, 3400 chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, G1W 2L3
Tel: (418) 204-4325
Email AngloStore

Date: Wednesday. 26th March 2013

Time: From 7pm onwards

The books are as follows:

Shamrocks in the Maples
By Joe Lonergan

Parkour and the Art du déplacement
By Vincent Thibault

City of Brotherly Love
By Ned Bachus

About the books:

Shamrocks in the Maples, ISBN 978, $14.95, is part autobiography, part personal memoir, and a mine of information about the Irish descendants that have lived in the Quebec City region for the last 3 centuries.
The book contains anecdotes that are humerous and interesting.
The serious undercurrent traces the reluctance of an ancestral line to embrace any identification other than that which they brought from Ireland. It also touches on the wider community.

Parkour and the Art du déplacement, ISBN 9781926824918, $16.96, Freerunning / Parkour or whatever the name, this new discipline born in the Paris suburbs is rapidly being adopted by people throughout the world. These athletic artists or artistic athletes want to take back the urban environment. Not satisfied to suffer through urban life, they want to thrive in it, all the while earning dignity by daringly reappropriating three fundamental motor skills, running, jumping, and climbing.

Vincent Thibault approaches parkour as an attractive solution for rival gangs, a force against the overwhelming inertia, and an occasion to challenge one’s own fears. Reflecting on the culture of effort, he also avoids the media-based trap that depicts Parkour as just another of those elitist extreme sports. This book is a philosophical and lyrical adventure into martial arts and chivalry in an urban setting.

City of Brotherly Love, ISBN 9780977386178, $22.00, The people you meet in these stories are just like you and me. We struggle. It doesn’t matter if we’re black or white, male or female, deaf or hearing, divorced or married, young or dying, in love or out, kin or strangers, dog or human. How do we negotiate between what’s inside us and the world outside? That is the central question of realistic, day to day living and of these eleven honest and evocative stories in City of Brotherly Love. Some of these characters succeed in protecting others if not themselves, some learn what is or is not out there for them. Some participate in ritualistic bonding; some learn to go it on their own. What I know, and what you will find out, is that my life is variously enriched by reading Ned Bachus’s superb stories.

About the authors:


Joe Lonergan, a native of Quebec City, has always identified strongly with his Irish roots. He received his Master of Arts in History from St. Mary’s University. His love of history and his abilities in music have served him in good stead during his career as a teacher. Now retired from St. Patrick’s High School having worked in education for thirty-five years, he is currently President of Irish Heritage Quebec. This organization is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Irish contribution to the community of the greater Quebec City area. You can often find Joe trying to set up another conference for the membership and friends of Irish Heritage Quebec, working on someone’s genealogy or on some other activity with an Irish nuance. Joe also serves as Vice-President of the Committee of Trustees of St. Patrick’s Parish and is an active member of the parish choir.

Vincent Thibeault is a writer and cofounder of the Académie québécoise d’art du déplacement. He teaches and has led workshops locally in Quebec and internationally. He is the author of several books in French including both fiction and non-fiction.

Ned Bachus served as a counselor and as Associate Professor of English at Community College of Philadelphia from 1974 to 2012, where he received the Alana Collos Award for Teaching Excellence and the Christian and Mary Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. His stories have appeared in various publications including The Louisville Review, Calliope, Antietam Review, Meridian Bound, Carve and The Evansville Review; he has won fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and an artist residency at Cill Rialaig Project in Ireland. Ned and his wife Kathleen now live in Maine.

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