Trois-Rivières bunker coming down

Trois-Rivières bunker coming down

Trois Rivières (Quebec) 1 July 2015 – Back, before 2009 the motorcycle gang, Hell’s Angels had several retreats or meeting places throughout the province known as bunkers, and one of them was in Trois Rivières, a smaller city situated between Montreal and Quebec City.

Back in 2009 the Quebec Provincial Police together with the RCMP organized a province wide raid to rid the bunkers of their owners and at the same time send a message to the gang that they were no longer welcome in Quebec. The operation was called SharQc and was carried out simultaneously in five different municipalities resulting in massive arrests and the confiscation of several “bunkers” including the one in Trois-Rivières, which was one of the more prominent structures.

It has taken over five years and endless court cases with many of the members pleading guilty to different charges to finally reach the point where the bunkers, which had been taken over by Quebec’s justice department, could be destroyed.

The Trois Rivières bunker was an eyesore for the city and owed $72,000 in back taxes to the municipality. The land it sits on is worth about $67,000 and the city hopes to either use it, once the demolition is complete in two weeks, to build houses or maybe build a commercial building.

Other bunkers in the province were in Sherbrooke, Sorel, Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Basile-le-Grand and each one has its own story to tell. The only one still standing is that of Sherbrooke.

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