Two Dozen Bus Routes to be Cut

Two Dozen Bus Routes to be Cut

It is by cutting out two dozen routes that the Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC) will finance the massive acquisition of buses for the Ste-Foy sector. In a pledge against road congestion, the RTC manager, Alain Mercier, justifies the installation of new speed routes in Quebec City west even though they had to eliminate a few. This $3.9 million investment was at first a $0 project like the Labeaume administration had ordered.

Mr. Mercier explained that the demand for public transportation is increasing in peak hours for the buses taking passengers to work and schools, but that it is not maintained throughout the day. The situation is the same in all North American cities.

The choice is then to have the most resources to answer the customer demand. Starting august 19, the express 300’s will offer 194 departures daily, linking Lebourgneuf with Laval University and the close by colleges (St-Lawrence, Ste-Foy, and FX Garneau). The new express 500’s, for commuters, will go directly to boul. Laurier around 90 times per day during the working week.

The RTC thinks that this offer is great – 10 to 15 minutes less for 80% of the local clientele, which would remove 1,000 vehicles from the road in peak hours.

On the other hand, the services will be reduced on about 20 routes starting June 15th.

On week days, 107 on 4,500 departures will be removed. On weekends and summer, 128 out of 2,500 departures will be eliminated. These cuts can be early in the morning, or late at night, and in other low periods in the day.

According to the Labeaume administration, these changes will bring a negative effect on a restricted number of users. 300 people compared to the life improvement of 5,000, so the project is viable.

Bus users are asked to visit the RTC website or to contact the carrier to make themselves aware of the changes and to have some solutions offered to replace buses in some specific cases.

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