Two Girls Temporarily Trapped in Galeries de la Capitale Ride

Two Girls Temporarily Trapped in Galeries de la Capitale Ride

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 May 2015 – Two girls aged 11 and 8 were saved by the Québec Fire Prevention Service’s specialized team in vertical rescue after remaining stuck in the roller coaster of Galeries de la Capitale for nearly an hour Friday lunchtime.

Twenty firefighters were dispatched to the scene around 11:30AM to help the young girls, trapped at a height of 35 feet.

The operation, which lasted nearly an hour, also required the intervention of a team of eight firefighters specially trained for this type of rescue. “The difficulty was that the [roller-coaster] train was in a curve and people were leaning over the side. It was necessary to secure them with harnesses and helmets before detaching the ride,” said France Voiselle, spokesperson for the Fire Prevention Service.

Speaking for the Galeries de la Capitale, Serge Rossignol, explained that “debris stuck in a wheel” was at the origin of the incident, which has fortunately caused no injuries.

“This is a train that runs with gravity. Something caught in the wheels, which slowed the train, and then it came to a stop,” he explained, adding that this kind of incident occurred “four or five times” over the last 30 years.

M. Rossignol was also reassuring, indicating that the wheels and rails will be inspected, forcing the closure of the train ride for a few days.

The father of the girls, who was not at the scene at the time of the incident, said he was relieved to be able to speak to them in the afternoon. “They were a little shaken by the whole thing. It is stressful at this height, ” he said, wishing to remain anonymous.

“They liked to ride the train; they have always enjoyed it too. But perhaps it will take a while before they return there,” he added.

According to the father, the two girls, who were at the Galeries de la Capitale because they had a pedagogical day, received candy and other treats from the mall.

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