Two horses found dead tied to a tree

Two horses found dead tied to a tree

Canton de Roxton (Quebec) 5 August 2015 – A citizen of a small community in the south west region of the province was horrified last weekend when he discovered that two of his horses had been tied to a tree and then shot by one of his neighbours.

The owner of the horses, who prefers to remain anonymous, reported the animals missing from his land on July 6.

Police found the two horses named Ruby and Shelsy and temporarily attached them to a tree at the same time informing the owner where to find them. When the owner arrived to lead his daughter’s beloved animals back to his farm, he discovered that they had once again escaped, having broken the insufficient ropes used to tether them.

Several days later he had noticed their imprints in the grass around his farm and decided to follow them hoping to find the two horses alive and well. Ten days later a neighbour said he had found the animals dead and tied to a tree about a kilometre away from his land.

Upon studying the remains, the owner could detect a bullet hole in the head of one of the two animals which confirmed his assumption that the animals had been shot.

The photos of the two horses on a Facebook page called Blacklist caused a furore when they were posted, inciting about 400 sympathetic comments.

Police have opened an investigation and two witnesses have been detained for questioning.

The two suspects could be facing charges of animal cruelty.

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