Two more DVD and video stores bite the dust

Two more DVD and video stores bite the dust

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 January 2015 – In the past week two more video stores have closed their doors.

Is it a sign of the times or just bad management? This time it’s two Videotron Superclub stores who are putting the key in the door for the last time.

The outlet, at 15020 Henri-Bourassa in Charlesbourg, calls it quits on Sunday February first and has a booming sale right now on all its DVD and Blu-Rays in the store.

The other store is at 2190 Avenue Larue in Beauport, but is only closing on the last day of February meaning they have a better selection left if you’re looking for a bargain on that favorite movie you always wanted to buy.

The branch in Charlesbourg had six employees, all of whom will be relocated to other stores owned by the same owner. The Beauport store has six employees who will also be relocated. The two franchises however are owned by two different people.

These closures seem to be part of a trend which is affecting the DVD rental business across Canada.
Since 2008 more than half of the video outlets in Quebec province have shut down.

The fact that people can now get movies directly from their television suppliers, or places like Netflix and CraveTV has been brutal on the DVD rental business.

A sign of the times for sure and it’s probably only going to get worse, or better, depending on how you source your movies.

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