Two years behind bars for Quebec baby snatcher

Two years behind bars for Quebec baby snatcher

Trois Rivières (Quebec) 15 October 2014 – The young lady who stole a baby from the nursery in a hospital in Trois Rivieres last May has been sentenced to two years minus a day in jail not including the time she has already spent in custody.

Valérie Poulin-Collins kidnapped the baby who was only 14 hours old from the nursery disguised as a nurse and took the child home where she was pretending it was her own and was caring for it like a mother.

The story however is not as simple as it appears. Valérie had a very difficult upbringing and was subjected to sexual abuse, frequent abandonment and general misuse during her youth.

She suffered from periodic bouts of depression, anxiety, and had attempted suicide on several occasions, the first time at the young age of twelve.

She explained that she had often consulted doctors and or psychiatrists for her different symptoms but, was simply prescribed medication to which she eventually became addicted to, causing her to become more and more dependent on the drugs.

To make things worse she had also apparently suffered a concussion from a past vehicle accident and even supposedly has a benign tumour in her brain causing her at times to have acute maternal instincts which possibly led to the abduction in the first place.

She had at one time become pregnant but, suffered a miscarriage and since then was never able to become pregnant a second time.

Ms. Poulin-Collins broke into tears several times during her court appearance showing extreme regret for her actions.

At the same time she was also accused of other petty thefts and possession of methamphetamine (Meth).

At the end of her sentence she will have to follow a severe program of rehabilitation at the Maison Carignan, a local drug rehabilitation centre.

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