Ultimate Haunted House in Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon

Ultimate Haunted House in Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon

Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon (Quebec) 31 October 2015 – Few people can claim to love Halloween as much as Marie-Lyne Beauchamp and her family, who, for 10 consecutive years, have been transforming their home at this autumnal time into a real haunted house.

People come in hundreds – even thousands – to wait in line every October 31st before the stylish house located in Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon. All come to admire the decorations made by the young mother, her husband and their relatives.

“It’s a journey. This year, people will enter the garage, transformed into laboratory. They then head to the outdoor patio, which becomes a dining room. They descend in a ballroom, enter a garden and end up on Doll Island“. The best part? “It’s free,” says Ms. Beauchamp.

Thirty actors – often friends of the couple – volunteer and dress up to animate the course, conceived and designed by the art designer. “Two years ago, there was a large, 32 foot long pirate ship made of wood. Last year we had a big 22 foot high wheel also made of wood,” says the self-employed woman.

The idea of ​​decorating the family home blossomed during a run-of-the-mill dinner with friends. At first, all they wanted to do was open the garage door to welcome trick-or-treaters. “The following year, we had a Harry Potter theme. The year after that it was Walt Disney, then Mario Bros. After that, we got inspired by horror,” she recounts.

Over time, sponsors have joined the project, providing complimentary sweets, coffee, hot dogs and even gift certificates to give away among the visitors.

Imaginative and resourceful, the family counts on recycling and donations on Kijiji for making their sets and saving money.

The family refuses to establish an entry fee. “It’s for fun. It’s a hobby, a little crazy, but a hobby! We do it because we love it. Our philosophy is that life is expensive. So if we can offer an event like this to people in the neighborhood, to families who can come here, eat, have a coffee, have a nice time, it’s rewarding enough,” she concludes.

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