Unbeatable football team finally succumbs

Unbeatable football team finally succumbs

Main pic: Football game between Laval Rouge et Or and Axemen at Laval, 2012. Photo credit: Cephas

Quebec City (Quebec ) 17 November 2014 – It was bound to happen sometime and this past weekend was it. Laval University’s Rouge et Or were finally brought to their knees by the Carabins from l’Université de Montreal.

The Rouge et Or have won the last 11 Dunsmore Cups and won the last 70 home games  – a run stretching back to 2004.

It had gotten to a point where it was understood that the Laval team was going to win no matter what. They were (and still are) a very strong team and had become unbeatable, especially on home turf.

The Montreal coach, Danny Maciocia was pleased with the win and simply stated that it was “a good result for his team and for football in general in the province”. When it’s always the same team winning, people tend to lose interest in the game, so now that there is some valid competition the competitive spirit has been rekindled.

Laval had also won the last two Vanier cups which decides the Canadian University Champions.

Since the Carabins won, eliminating Laval, they will go on to compete for the Vanier Cup which will be disputed in Montreal on November 29, but first they have to defeat the Winnipeg Bisons. (University of Manitoba).

Laval’s coach Glen Constantin, was of course disappointed, but had all the confidence in the world that his team will be back even stronger next year.

Nothing like losing to make competition better.

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