Uncertain Future for School Boards on Election Day

Uncertain Future for School Boards on Election Day

Quebec City (Quebec) November 2, 2014 – Usually content to stay below the public RADAR, school boards have come to the front of public scrutiny more recently as the government continues to search for budgets to cut as part of its austerity programme.  All eyes are on today’s voter turnout, which will certainly be a deciding factor in gauging public support to the status quo of the school board system.

In 2009 during the last school board election, voter turnout barely made it to 8%.  The question remains not only whether or not voter turnout will increase, but also if lack of voter participation necessarily reflects Québécois’ attachment to school boards.

This morning, speaking from an economic and diplomatic mission in Iceland, Prime Minister Couillard said that his government was looking at many different scenarios, but was looking at a means to “simplify” the support structures to schools and teachers.  He also said his government was focused on the “mission” of education, which he defined as the relationship between teachers and pupils.

School board elections continue until closing of polls today.

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