United Airlines Cutting Flights This Winter

United Airlines Cutting Flights This Winter

Quebec City (Quebec) October 5, 2014 – Following cutbacks by United Airlines in major airports throughout the continent in a bid for the company to restructure its finances, flights in and out of Québec’s Jean Lesage International Airport will be scaled back starting next January. United Airlines’ three daily flights to Newark, an New Jersey suburb outside New York City, will be reduced to two, and flights to Chicago will be stopped entirely from January 6th to March 5th of the coming year. Chicago is a major hub of the continent’s airline networks, redirecting flights to most other sectors of North America.

The major American airline’s cuts are not specifically targeted at Québec’s market, but rather reflect an overall restructuring of the company’s strategy. The Jean Lesage International Airport has had a steady increase in passengers over the last several years, despite a very slight drop in passengers to and from the United States. Air Canada has also been gaining a growing share of the lucrative Canada-US flight traffic, contributing to the restructuring pressure on United Airlines.

Passengers who had already purchased a United Airlines ticket to Chicago during the affected cutbacks will be redirected through Newark.

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