Université Laval budget cuts conclusion as 150 jobs saved

Université Laval budget cuts conclusion as 150 jobs saved

Main pic: Flag of Laval University, Quebec City / Drapeau de l’Université Laval, Québec. Photo credit: Cephas

Quebec City, (Quebec) 7 August 2015 – As we had previously posted, that Laval University was up in arms about the budget cuts coming to its finances and how they could possibly meet them, it appears the two parties, the Quebec Government and the University direction, have come to some sort of plausible remedy to saving 150 jobs that were at one time in jeopardy.

The university was asked to reduce its operating costs by $58 million over the next six years, and like all demands on less spending, there was rumours that jobs would be lost and services would be diminished.

The University administrators managed to cut their budget down by $46 million but couldn’t see where they could find $11 million more to meet the demands of the government. As it turns out it appears the University will be able to save those 150 part-time jobs by delaying or simply cancelling certain repairs and restoration work that was on the table as projected expenses. The solution took 14 months of comprehension and compliance from all departments concerned.

After studying the planned refurbishing projects, it has been decided that most of them can wait, at least for another six years, which will save the University that extra $11 million that was missing.

A special board examined the future repair work scheduled and decided that nothing was urgent and could wait to be updated, keeping in mind any emergencies that may occur.

The vice-rector for the University Eric Bauce, also made a point of mentioning that with the recent grants from the Federal Government for research, his establishment was well positioned to continue as a serious place of learning.

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