Université Laval gets huge federal subvention just before election call

Université Laval gets huge federal subvention just before election call

Main pic: CCGS Amundsen, Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker. Photo credit: Tatiana Pichugina. 

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 August 2015 – The Federal elections are coming and so are the subventions. The present government in Ottawa just announced on Friday of last week that it will be handing over $98 million for research to Quebec City’s Université Laval. The money will be used to do research in the north and is the largest subsidy the French-speaking university has ever received.

Canada’s icebreaker Amundsen will be part of the research team and will be the backbone of the team as it is equipped with all the technology needed to carry out the project which the University has in mind.

Université Laval has been a leader in research and studies carried out in the north for several years already and their expertise touches on things like climate, environment, economy and the health and social aspect of the northern population.

The money comes from an organisation called, Canada First (Apogée Canada) a body set-up specifically to fund post-secondary institutions in their research and development endeavours.

The subvention comes from a greater amount of $350 million which has been allotted to five different Universities across the country with the other four being, University of Toronto, $114 million, University of British Columbia, $66.5 million, University of Saskatchewan $37.2 million and the Université de Sherbrooke coming in with $33.5 million.

Whether or not it’s a vote getting strategy is debatable, but one thing for sure the staff involved with Université Laval and its researchers are elated with the subvention which will guarantee their studies for another seven years.

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